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IT Strategic Solutions LLC

If you have a need for IT Specialist with years of education, experience, and competence in Information Technology (IT) applications then you are in the right place!

Our company has done projects for Fortune 500 and midsize companies that require the ability to work effectively, efficiently, and economically with large systems as well as PC-Based Software environments.  Experienced with maintenance, development, and enhancement of programs with extensive required interaction with all departments and users to provide guidance and assistance in developing programs for procurement and logistic applications.
Our Services

Our Services

Cloud Solutions

Azure cloud environment directed a team of dba’s, system administrators, and network administrators experience in managing DPH Infrastructure hardware and network resources on Prem and Azure cloud. Lead a team of DPH resources working with Unisys infrastructure resources to upgrade all DPH applications operating systems and databases to the latest releases. Azure solution architect and administrator working with several DPH organizations to build new Azure IaaS and PaaS solutions 

IT Security Services

Designs security solutions before building any IT services or applications.  Use of the latest solutions and techniques to ensure databases, applications and services are fully protected against  unauthorized access.

Managed IT Services

Experience in managing several IT development teams with a multimillion-dollar development budget. DPH IT enterprise architect for the selection and negotiations of a new DPH COTS VR application. Solution architect lead for the implementation of a new VR COTS application for DPH. Member of DPH IT Governance committee. Key member of the Data Governance council for the joint Integrated Eligibility System.

Support Consulting

We offer technical support working directly with you and your staff.

Disaster Recovery

Having a history with Disaster Recovery, Shows the knowledge in this area, Provided internal training to DBA’s in Oracle backup and recovery using RMAN. Plan and develop DR plans for multiple organization applications. Work with application developers, vendors and infrastructure teams to complete DR exercises.

Network Solutions

.Manage team of network engineers implementing network solution for multiple organization applications, infrastructure projects, work with third party organizations such as AT&T, Verizon, Xfinity, etc..

Professional and Knowledgable

"Saved the state DHR thousands of dollars by providing both Oracle and SQL Server database support. Architect and designed multiple new custom database solutions using the latest Oracle features."

Lamont Carter CEO

of It strategic Solutions LLC

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